In 1998 kalpakriti consultants has been established in Chandigarh with a vision to provide creative solutions to built an architectural environment. Ever since then the firm has been actively involved in providing design solutions in the field of architecture, interiors and landscape consultancy. Through simple yet innovative design ideas the firm has made a niche of their work in the region and is expanding day by day with the patronage of its design conscious clients.

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Architecture Design

We respect the regional as well as site specific factors to guide the architecture design to be environment responsive. The modern yet energy conscious design of buildings are the prime concern for any project. The architecture design consultancy covers various services such as :

  • Master plan development for projects
  • Concept plan for development
  • Design development for architectural projects
  • Design and construction details
  • Co-ordinating with various consultant such as Structural Consultants, Plumbing and Public Health
    Consultants, HVAC Consultant, Electrical Consultants etc.
Interior Design

Interior spaces require a lot of detailing to fulfill the functional and aesthetics demand depending upon the complexity of the project. Each and every element of design transforms the space and subsequently affects the psychology of the user. We strongly believe in the modern interior design solutions which can brighten up the moods and thus the positive flow of energy. we provide the following services in interior design :

  • Conceptual designs for interiors
  • Interior layout design
  • Furniture design
  • Lighting design
  • HVAC design
  • Signage design
  • Product design
Landscape Design

The landscape design is a relationship of built and unbuilt environment. The need for a much greener planet does require a thoughtful planning of the open spaces around built and at city level so as to protect the sanctity and purity of natural elements. Landscape planning helps in achieving an energy conscious design with the use of various landscape features such as plants, landforms, water features playing an important role at micro as well as macro level. We provide following landscape design services :

  • Urban landscape planning
  • Comprehensive landscape master plan for development schemes
  • Garden design
  • Revitalization of degraded natural environments
  • Rain water management plans
  • Community park designs
  • Street furniture design